What I'm Watching: IT: Chapter Two

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Ultimately, I found it disappointing. It goes very 'Beetlejuice' pretty quickly, which is fine but tonely it doesn't line up to the first film. 

However, there might be a good film in there, but there's not much happening for all the extended runtime. Some good bits, not enough character development of the adult cast. But the full cast, of both kids and adults, is great. Bill Hader is the MVP of this film.

Some of the 'scares' work I guess. But there are some weird choices made (Angel of the Morning as example 1) and overuse of CGI monsters. Maybe it's meant to be funny instead of scarey? 

 Chapter 1 = a fun 'coming of age' monster movie.

Chapter 2 = a not so fun mess that couldn't live up to the first film and is about 30mins too long.


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