Star Wars - Rogue One Week, baby!

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So finally the first ever standalone Star Wars film is finally upon us! Excited isn't the word that even comes close to describing how stoked I am to watch this film! I've managed to stay well away from all promotional material over the last few months and , apart from the 1st 2 trailers released earlier this year, I've done well in avoiding everything. (In this day and age it hasn't been easy and has almost been a monumental task!)

This post is mainly in aid of recommending the book 'Catalyst'; this is a story based on the events that lead in to Rogue One, and for people like myself it is a must read. The new cannon has been pretty consistent and the books range from good to excellent. This book leans more to the excellent side of the spectrum. The background to some of the main characters, like Director Krenik and Gailen Urso, are of particular interest and Krenik in particular is an incredibly brilliant villain. I can't recommend this book enough, and in fact I would stress you get the Audiobook version with all the production value including sound effects and music!

You can get the book free as part of an Audible audiobook trial using the link I have active with my podcast:
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