What I'm Watching: Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel⁠ ⁠is decent and solidly placed in the MCU catalogue! Definitely not the best MCU entry, but equally not the 'middle of the road' either. This sits nicely as one of the better than average MCU entries. The character is far too 'over-powered', rather unrelatable and seems rather invincible which does mean it's rather difficult to get invested in any stakes or threat.

Brie Larson was a bit aloof and a bit emotionless and isn't given much to do because we know more about her story that's unfolding than she does, so there's very little impact or surprises. However, Ben Medelson and Sam Jackson were great, Goose the cat was excellent and Anette Benning was clearly having fun playing a villainous character and should have been in this more.

There are vibes of Flight of the Navigator meets Top Gun/Terminator 2 with a huge dollop of the Singles soundtrack. Main gripe is the slightly out of place songs gave me bad flashbacks of Suicide Squad's jukebox soundtrack did give me several eyerolls. Possibly the best Stan Lee cameo with the nod to Mallrats! Great work.

Bring on the #ENDGAME!


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