What I'm Watching: Solo - A Star Wars Story

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It was a bit clunky at the start but it was a fun ride. Chewbacca shines as a standout and Donald Glover's version of Lando shows that this should have been a Lando film if anything. Given how many rumours we heard of on-set nightmares this film certainly doesn't show that drama or disjointed production at all. And it's a miracle it came out this coherent if the rumours are to be believed! Completely unnecessary story within the franchise but perfectly serviceable (and actually fun enough) as a film.

Lots of imperfections like lack of character development of some of the gang, mischaracterisations of Solo compared to the version Harrison Ford played, but this feels more Star Wars than the horrific Last Jedi. This was 'fine' and I came out of the cinema feeling positive, not buzzing, but it was a pleasant viewing experience compared to how angry I was when I came out of The Last Jedi. So, overall it's a decent Saturday afternoon breezy film.

Can we start telling new stories about new characters in new timelines or new corners of the galaxy now?

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