WHAT I'M WATCHING: Venom (AKA. A turd in the wind)

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Pretty sloppy film, with sloppy & poor CGI, a pretty dumb script with pretty odd take on the Venom character. Kind of has a Punisher (2004) / Hulk (2003) vibe (interestingly all have same producer)... so it has a 'lowest common denominator' appeal with the safest approach to not alienating an audience.

It's not a terrible film, as it's serviceable enough and has a few funny moments (both intended jokes and unintended jokes). There feels like massive chunks of the film and character development that are completely missing and choices they make are nonsensical at times and so predictable in others. Ultimately in 2018 we are spoiled for far superior quality of superhero movies, and even movies that share similarity like 'Upgrade' are just way better films, and 'Venom' just doesn't hit any level higher than 'mediocre'.


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